Software Updates

FarmSmart is updated at regular intervals. These updates are designed to:

  • Include new functionality
  • Update existing functionality
  • Improve useability
  • Apply fixes when we find things don't work properly

Check your device's app store, marketplace, etc. for FarmSmart updates regularly. Always apply these updates immediately they are made available.

Your device or computer should also be up to date at all times. Operating system updates should be applied as soon as possible. These updates include new device functionality, security fixes and performance improvements. FarmSmart takes advantage of these updates and assumes that your device is up to date at all times. We will expect that you apply all operating system updates as they are made available.

FarmSmart for Apple devices requires a minumum of iOS version 9.0 which was released in Sep 2015. FarmSmart cannot be used if your iPhone or iPad cannot be updated to at least iOS 9.0.

FarmSmart for Android devices requires a supported operating system. (FarmSmart may operate correctly on older unsupported Android versions. However any issues with FarmSmart running under unsupported Android versions are fixed on a best effort basis only).

Has been tested on

1. iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 plus with iOS 11.3

2. Huawei EVA-L09 with Android 6.0

3. Samsung Tab 4 with android 5.02