Farm Assurance – Self Assessment

Self Assessment Form

AsureQuality has introduced a new process that will reduce the time spent on farm and the disruption to daily farm activities. The concept is for farmers to complete an online self-assessment form that will then be sent to the auditor prior to them visiting your farm. 

Farmers that are due for an on-farm audit will receive an email prior to that date that will include a link to the self-assessment form. The form contains a series of questions and provides you with the ability to submit required farm records. The form should not take more than 30 minutes to complete.

FarmSmart – AQ

FarmSmart AQ is a web and mobile application that AsureQuality is making available to all farmers. The application will enable you to simply record the details of the farm activities that are required for farm assurance compliance.  The FarmSmart application is easy to use and will ensure assurance of your farm is also quicker and easier. Your data will be securely stored and available to you at all times. This application is planned to be expanded in the future to provide farmers and auditors with access to tools that will assist further streamlining of the  existing farm audit and farm record keeping tasks.

AsureQuality and Agsmart Pty Ltd have an existing alliance to develop and support innovative applications such as this Farm Assurance Self-Assessment Form and FarmSmart AQ.


There are two types of users-

  • Farmers who have already registered with AsureQuality and have an existing username and password. (click the top button)
  • Farmers who have not yet registered with AsureQuality. If you have not registered then you should click the “I am not and AsureQuality registered farmer”. You will then need to complete the sign up form to obtain your username and password.

We encourage you to use these tools. Support is available if you need it. Good Luck!